WIP: The Little Mermaid Set [DOWNLOAD]

This set was supposed to be the first in a series of custom content sets reimagining Disney movies in the world of The Sims 3. Sadly, the game's numerous issues have discouraged me to continue making the series and this set is still incomplete, as I haven't done the male characters yet.

Anyway, here are the stuff that's included:

WIP: (R to L) Arista, Attina, Adella, Ariel, Aquata, Andrina, Alana

The classic Disney-style merpeople stuff:
Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Bra
Merman Tail

The accessories of Ariel's sisters:
Sisters' Accessories

Ariel's free-flowing hair (not my creation):

Ariel's human clothing reimagined:
Ariel's Pink Gown
Ariel's Blue Dress

Ursula's outfit:
Ursula's Oufit w/ Morphs


  1. Brilliant! Any chance you would also be creating their hair? Some of them have rather unique ones. I playtested what was uploaded, didnt try to morph Ursula but kept her at the default setting, and Im so happy with the way it animates.

    The shell tops seem to be missing a layer, insure whats up with those. If you have anything bigger than an A cup the tops dont morph and go through the skin, also its not as defined like in your pics, it seems like strips of color rather than the shell shape.

    I would use anothers little mermaid tops but where she put the strap color it shows up on your tails down the side, which I like your tail better. So I have to make my girls topless or something for now. eek!

    Im not sure whats going on with my game, but when I switch the mermaid tails through nraas, the mermaid loses her merswim animation and slow doggy paddles. The Ursula outfit switched fine and keeps the merswim animation fine. Ive tried searching about it but nothing comes up about the exact issue. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for these, much appreciated :)